Information 16th December 2016

Australia’s OGP Action Plan

by Kat

Australia’s first Open Government Partnership National Action Plan was published on 8 December.

The  plan sets out 15 commitments to reform on a wide range of open government measures to be implemented or substantially implemented by July 2018.

The Network Steering Committee welcomes the completion of of the plan, particularly the breadth and scope of the commitments. For convenience commitments are listed in abbreviated form here.

There are some disappointments particularly the limited commitment to what are high priorities for those of us outside government- political donations reform and gaps in the national integrity framework

The plan also includes an account of status quo and the process undertaken over the last 12 months to work with civil society and the public generally to develop the plan.

This process and the strength and quality of the commitments are subject to independent assessment in a report to be completed by the appointed OGP IRM assessor Daniel Stewart.

It has taken 12 months to get to this stage, longer than anyone expected, following an unfortunate two years of prevarication by the Abbott government over whether it would proceed with the original joining commitment given by Labor in May 2013.

Implementation of the plan is now the prime focus.

After something of a breather, we will be back, keen to be part of that next stage.

Thanks to all who have shown interest and support.

Best wishes.