Uncategorised 9th April 2018

Open Government Week

by Peter Timmins

The Open Government Partnership is organising a global Open Government Week from May 7-11 to raise interest in open government and encourage government and civil society to come together to listen to each other’s ideas, discuss solutions, and commit to taking action.

“The week will feature all things #opengov and include panel discussions, Facebook chats, data releases, webinars and open houses across the world.”

We wrote last week to Barry Sterland, Deputy Secretary Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and government co-chair  of the Open Government Forum:

“You will be aware the OGP is organising a global Open Government Week from May 7-11 and has asked members to host an event or events to promote the important role that citizens can play in creating impactful action plans. 

Has the Department or the Open Government Forum considered possible events that might help raise awareness and enthusiasm for the Australian open government initiative?

Although the Budget means it is a busy week for parliament, is there an opportunity for a ministerial statement from the Prime Minister during the week?

Is there an opportunity around this time outside parliament for the Prime Minister to speak about the OGP and the government commitment to further reforms?

Could the Co-chairs of the Forum take part in a Webinar or Facebook consultation?

Could the Department assist us to organise events say in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and join with us in inviting senior figures in government, media, community and business to attend?

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about Open Government Week and how we can make the most of the opportunities it presents.”

Yet to hear.

The Open Government Forum meets on Thursday 12 April.

Will keep readers posted.