Designing and Managing an OGP Multistakeholder Forum

At 1 am-2 am Friday 30 September Australian Eastern Standard Time
Q&A with Ernesto Velasco & Emilene Martinez


US EDT Thursday, September 29, 2016 – 11:00am to 12:00pm


United States

Join us September 29th at 11:00am EDT for a Facebook Live Q&A with:

Ernesto Velasco
OGP International Experts Panel Member
Author of “Designing and Managing and OGP Multistakeholder Forum”
Emilene Martinez
Americas Regional Civil Society Coordinator

Open Government Partnership

OGP’s consultation requirements ask countries to “identify an existing or new forum to enable regular multistakeholder consultation on OGP implementation“. This  Q&A is intended to help government and civil society actors participating in OGP processes to meet the Partnership’s guidelines and move beyond the minimal requirements. We will discuss the advantages of having a Multistakeholder Forum as a structured environment designed to maximize participation between government and civil society.
For more information on Multistakeholder Forums, click here. Check out OGP’s Facebook page here (link is external).