The Open Government Forum is a group of people from government and civil society whose role is to:

·       monitor and drive implementation of Open Government National Action Plan,
·       help develop the next Open Government National Action, and

·       raise awareness about open government.

The current members of the Forum, are appointed until the submission of the next Open Government National Action Plan, expected in mid-2018.
The Forum was established in July 2017, in accordance with commitment 5.1 of Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan. More information about the formation of the  Forum is available here.
The function of the Forum is to be a bridge between government and the general public. It meets every two months, in different capital cities, and conducts its other work electronically.
Papers and minutes from meetings of the Open Government Forum are available.
You can contact the Open Government Forum by sending an email to The Open Government Forum welcomes inputs and questions regarding the National Action Plan process.