Draft commitment: Build and maintain public trust to address concerns about data sharing

This is a draft commitment for Australia’s first National Action Plan (the Plan).

We will develop an ongoing and collaborative conversation with the community to build public trust around data sharing and integration.

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This commitment reads

Australia will actively engage with the community regarding how public data is being used to provide more targeted and effective policy, service delivery and program evaluation.

Read rest of the draft commitment in full (one page) and give your feedback. This will be published here, and given to the Interim Working Group who will consider all the public submissions.

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Christopher Biggs says

Outline how a whole of government strategy lifts the quality of practice. The work from DTO on a data service standard is great. Moving governement data out of ad-hoc and aging department silos onto a common reference platform with clear standards and best practices is great. Engaging community through open data and innovation-encouragement events is commendable and should be continued and expanded. Our data belongs to us and providing ways for us to use and interact with it is a laudable goal.

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