Demarchy for Better Public Policy

6-7.30pm, Law School Foyer, Level 2, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney.

A Sydney Ideas forum co-presented with the graduate school of Government, Sydney University Press and The New Democracy Foundation,

Free. Register here

Democracy depends on sound public opinion about the major issues of the day. Today these issues are of unprecedented complexity and difficulty, requiring serious deliberation and decision making, and the need to move beyond the factional struggles and attempts to win over key parcels of votes we see dominating politics today.

What we need is well considered public opinion to set the agenda for the politicians, and demarchy is a new proposal on how this can be done.

Author of The Demarchy Manifesto former University of Sydney Professor of Philosophy, John Burnheim joins us for a special conversation about the ideas behind demarchy, with Associate Professor Carolyn Hendriks from the Australian National University Crawford School, and Dr Nicholas Gruen from Lateral Economics.

Hosted by Geoff Gallop, formerly of the Graduate School of Government, the University of Sydney.