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Nearly there: Australia’s First OGP Action Plan & Draft Commitments

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in crafting Australia’s first Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. We’re very nearly there.

The Australian Government’s draft Open Government National Action Plan sets out 14 specific and practical reforms to improve our society, that will be delivered over the next two years.

The Australian public sent in over 70 submissions. Organisations and people who responded overwhelmingly show their broad support for open government reform. And in many cases, press for those reforms to be more ambitious.

It’s been a year of consultation and slow deliberation processes to get this far, and now we wait for the Government to finalise this plan, expected in early December. The final Plan will show how seriously the Government is prepared to collaborate with civil society.

For better, open government

Civil society groups around the world are using the Open Government Partnership process to achieve real gains in openness, accountability and participation. We are a diverse group of individuals and organisations working together to create ambitious commitments for Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan.

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PM Turnbull renews OGP commitment

Photograph of Prime Minister Malcoln Turnbull’s letter to the OGP 25 November 2015

In late November 2015 Prime Minister Turnbull wrote to the OGP renewing Australia’s commitment to membership.

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Influence the workings of government


Hold government to account for its actions

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The National Action Plan is no easy read. But those 64 pages that some might struggle with contain 15 strong statements of intent. The breadth and scope is commendable: “Taken together these actions will advance transparency, accountability, public participation and…


Minister for Finance at OGP Summit Paris 8 December

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“The OGP summit involves 3000 representatives from 70 countries. Transparency and anti-corruption, climate action and sustainable development, digital commons and civic tech, access to information, open parliament, open government at the subnational level, francophonie, implementation of open government…: More than…

Australia’s National Action Plan-Done and Dusted

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Australia’s first Open Government Partnership National Action Plan was released yesterday. In a Media Statement, Minister for Finance Senator Cormann said The Plan’s 15 commitments will help strengthen our democracy and deliver a more agile, innovative and collaborative nation. We…


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