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The independent mid-term report on Australia’s open government commitment progress is published and available for public comment until Tuesday 24th April. 

5 Days, 95 OGP governments, Citizens everywhere
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Australia’s second Open Government National Action Plan is currently in development.


Timeline for development of next action plan

Where are things at?

Details of consultations and submissions for the 2018-2020 National Action Plan can be found here.

To explore specific topics:

What is Open Government?

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international initiative that provides a platform for people inside and outside governments around the world to develop reforms that “promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance”.

Since its foundation in September 2011, over 70 participating countries have made over 2,500 commitments.

Under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Australia joined the OGP in 2015 and our first National Action Plan was developed in 2016.



See the 2016-2018 commitments and their status.

For better, open government

Civil society groups around the world are using the Open Government Partnership process to achieve real gains in openness, accountability and participation. We are a diverse group of individuals and organisations working together to create ambitious commitments for Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan.

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PM Turnbull renews OGP commitment

Photograph of Prime Minister Malcoln Turnbull’s letter to the OGP 25 November 2015

In late November 2015 Prime Minister Turnbull wrote to the OGP renewing Australia’s commitment to membership.

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Understand the workings of government


Influence the workings of government


Hold government to account for its actions

Latest updates

Consultation and submissions on second national action plan

11th April 2018 – No Comments

The face to face consultations on ideas for the second national action plan concluded on 23 March and  submissions have closed I’ve commented that the consultation meetings were a disappointment-putting it mildly. Attendances at all five gatherings were low.The presentation…

Independent assessment report-scope to do much better next time

11th April 2018 – No Comments

 The independent Progress Report on development and implementation of Australia’s first OGP national action plan is published today and available for public comment for two weeks. PMC highlights this conclusion: ‘The Australian government made substantial progress in completing several commitments…

Open Government Week

9th April 2018 – No Comments

The Open Government Partnership is organising a global Open Government Week from May 7-11 to raise interest in open government and encourage government and civil society to come together to listen to each other’s ideas, discuss solutions, and commit to…


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