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Australia’s First OGP Plan: A long circuitous journey

For better, open government

Civil society groups around the world are using the Open Government Partnership process to achieve real gains in openness, accountability and participation. We are a diverse group of individuals and organisations working together to create ambitious commitments for Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan.

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PM Turnbull renews OGP commitment

Photograph of Prime Minister Malcoln Turnbull’s letter to the OGP 25 November 2015

In late November 2015 Prime Minister Turnbull wrote to the OGP renewing Australia’s commitment to membership.

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Understand the workings of government


Influence the workings of government


Hold government to account for its actions

Latest updates

Open Government Multistakeholder Forum: Have your say

24th April 2017 – No Comments

From Co- Chairs Interim Working Group “Open government is the idea – simple and transformative – that governments should be transparent, accountable, and engaging. Government decision-making should be open to scrutiny, because governments work better when that happens. And because…

PM&C Interim Working Group March meeting

10th April 2017 – No Comments

PM&C Interim Working Group Minutes of the meeting on 28 March. Key points: The Department’s Strategic Coordination Unit had assumed responsibility for coordinating implementation of Australia’s Open Government National Action Plan. (Contacts are Will Story and Alan Wu reporting to…

Network Steering Committee 2017

5th April 2017 – No Comments

Following the call for nominations, a new Network Steering Committee has been formed. As retiring Chairman Dr David Solomon told network members the incoming team represents continuity and renewal, includes a mix of CSO representatives and individual members and improves female…