News 28th November 2015

The Prime Minister’s letter reconfirms Australia’s commitment to OGP

by Peter Timmins

On 24 November 2015 Prime Minister Turnbull wrote to the Open Government Partnership that Australia  was recommitting to membership and would complete joining requirements by July 2016.

The Australian Government had been invited to join the OGP along with founding members in September 2011. In May 2013 the Government first notified its intention to join. The Prime Minister’s announcement follows two and a half years of further consideration.

The Prime Minister’s letter reads:

Dear Open Government Partnership Co-Chairs

I am writing to advice that the Australian Government will finalise Australia’s membership with the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Over the coming months the Government will work with civil society to develop the Australian Government’s National Action Plan to be submitted by 1 July 2016 as agreed with the OGP Support Unit.

The goals of the partnership directly align with Australia’s long and proud tradition of open and transparent government.

Yours sincerely,

Australian Prime Minister Malcomb Turnbull’s letter to the Open Government Partnership, 24 Novermber 2015, he writes “”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s letter to the Open Government Partnership, 24 November 2015