Uncategorised 13th March 2017

Civil society spots on global OGP Steering Committee

by Peter Timmins

Nominations for two positions closed on 8 March with 28 nominations including two Australians Dr Ken Coghill and Neil Forsyth both members of this network.

Details of nominees including supporting material submitted is available here.

As part of the selection process members of the OGP civil society community are invited to send endorsements and other comments on individual candidates to the OGP Support Unit and Selection Committee

Dr Coghill is well known for his work  for Accountability Roundtable and other causes, and on the OGP as an active contributor to the Network and since August as a member of the PM&C Interim Working Group. He is a former Speaker and member of the Victorian Parliament and currently an Associate Professor, Department of Management, Monash University.

Ken represents the best chance for Australia to obtain the spot on the committee reserved for the Asia Pacific region.

The Network Steering Committee endorses Ken’s candidacy and will lodge a statement to this effect.

We urge you and organisations you belong to to get behind the nomination and do the same. Email rotation@opengovpartnership.org

All endorsements will be published.