Uncategorised 19th October 2017

OGP responds to individual’s complaint, no violation of values and principles

by Peter Timmins

In September last year, Chris Snow a member of this network sent a letter of concern to the international OGP Steering Committee Co-Chairs regarding the consultation process and the Interim Working Group appointed by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to help draft Australia’s first OGP action plan, utilising the OGP’s published Response Policy.

The OGP Support Unit has published this detailed report  finalised in June 2017, concluding

In sum, the issues raised in Mr. Snow’s concern letter are not cognizable under the Response Policy as concerns about violations of OGP processes are properly the subject of IRM review, and OGP’s Acting Contrary to Process review. The Response Policy is for cases of egregious violations of OGP’s principles and values that would undermine OGP’s credibility if left unaddressed and that cannot adequately be addressed by the IRM and Acting Contrary to Process review mechanisms. The issues raised by Mr. Snow both fall within the ambit of IRM’s regular review; and, theoretically, the scope of the Acting Contrary to Process review mechanism.Furthermore, even if the issues raised by Mr. Snow were cognizable under the Response Policy, they would not warrant OGP intervention. A comprehensive factual investigation and review of the record shows no factual support for Mr. Snow’s allegations and no violation of OGP’s values and principles by the Government of Australia.’