Uncategorised 11th May 2018

Australian Update Webinar: #Open Gov Week

by Peter Timmins

The Australian OGP Update Webinar recorded this morning is now available on Facebook:

Shreya Basu, OGP Support Unit, from Singapore,

Daniel Stewart on his independent report on Australia’s progress with the first national action plan,

Peter Timmins with an overview on where things stand at present,

Damian Carmichael from Industry, Innovation and Science on Australia’s commitment to improve citizen participation,

Ken Coghill from the Open Government Forum.

Facilitated and arranged by Mel Flanagan and her team at Nook Studios- many thanks.

Some follow on connections for those just joining this journey towards better government:

Civil Society organisations and interested individuals-join us at the Get Involved tab

Open Government Partnership – the global open government movement. Follow @opengovpart

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet-the Australian OGP initiative.

Daniel Stewart’s report and comments submitted by the Network Steering Committee

Department of Industry Science and Innovation-developing a new model for citizen participation, Commitment 5.2 in Australia’s current National Action Plan.