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Data Sharing Legislation – March 2019 roundtable invitations – Office of the National Data Commissioner

by Scott Miller

This March, the Office of the National Data Commissioner (the Office) is hosting another series of roundtable discussions on the Data Sharing legislation to show how their thinking has evolved based on your feedback and to hear your views.

To register, please select the city and date you are available to attend:

If your city isn’t listed, don’t worry – they are planning to hold more roundtables in other capital cities and regional areas later on in 2019.

Each roundtable will go for two hours and cover key topics such as:

  • Scope of the legislation and interaction with other schemes
  • The types of purposes the Data Sharing legislation should enable
  • Safeguards, privacy and security of data
  • Participants in the system and accreditation
  • Accountability and enforcement
  • Data Sharing Principles


To develop this legislation properly and make sure it benefits all Australians, the Office needs your continued feedback to shape its direction and where the boundaries should be.


For Data Sharing Principles, they will be holding an additional 30 minute focus session at the end of each roundtable to discuss this risk management framework further. If you would like to participate in this conversation, please stay on once the main part of the roundtable is concluded.


They’ll be sending out agenda papers and relevant documents prior to the events.


As there are only a certain number of seats at each roundtable, in the event a roundtable becomes over-subscribed, they will contact the waitlisted participants for additional workshops at a later date.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with them at datalegislation@pmc.gov.au.




Last year, the Office hosted 40 discussion groups around Australia to connect with interested stakeholders on the Government’s public sector data reforms.

The office spoke with a range of peak bodies, businesses, research institutions and interested people to better understand views and generate discussion on topics related to public sector data sharing. THe office received feedback that participants were very happy to be involved in the conversation and supported the establishment of the National Data Commissioner. The office also heard that people were excited about sharing data for research and development and with the imposition of additional data sharing transparency and accountability measures.

However, there are still themes the Office want to continue to workshop with the community to make sure they understand all perspectives. In particular, some stakeholders raised concerns around privacy safeguards, commercial use of data, and the use of data under this legislation for compliance action against individuals. The Office want to keep this conversation going to make sure they get the balance between privacy and innovation right.

The Office would like to take this opportunity to thank previous attendees for their participation and valuable feedback, particularly those who completed our feedback survey. The Office hope these upcoming events reflect your suggestions.

Data Legislation Team

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