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1st November 2018

Twenty seven nominees are listed on the PMC website, a good response to the call for nominations for the Forum. Pleasing too that new voices that have not been heard in the open government discussions to date have stepped forward, keen to take things further from here. Current Forum members  also on the Network Steering…

Access and influence-‘not the fair go Australians expect.’

8th October 2018

The Grattan Institute paper Who’s in the room? Access and influence in Australian politics“ is a detailed analysis of government policy making, that finds “Powerful groups have triumphed over the public interest in some recent debates, from pokies reform to pharmaceutical prices, to toll roads and superannuation governance. Stronger checks and balances on policy influence are…

Morrison government and the OGP

7th September 2018

Uncertainty continues about the impact of the changes on many issues including OGP and related matters. The OGP was a Turnbull initiative after much prevarication by PM Abbott about continuing with it. There is nothing on the public record that suggests PM Morrison has taken an interest in the past. In fact, it’s hard to…

Government working on improved information access- behind closed doors?

13th August 2018

The Government gives itself a series of ticks for implementation of Commitment 3.1 in Australia’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. 2016-2018 and asserts implementation is “On track.” But 21 months after the Government included a commitment in the plan headed “Information management and access laws for the 21st century,” and described thus: “This commitment…

Network Chair:”Minister listened, now more aware of OGP opportunities”

3rd August 2018

Adjunct Professor The Hon Dr Ken Coghill, Chair of the Network Steering Committee has provided this comment. “Further to the published list of issues raised with Minister Cormann yesterday: We acknowledged the support provided to the Open Government Forum by senior officials.   However, we argued that the purposes of OGP membership could be well…

Network raises concerns and suggests remedies in meeting with Minister Cormann

2nd August 2018

At a meeting in Melbourne today with the minister responsible for OGP co-ordination, Special Minister of State and Minister for Finance Senator Cormann, a delegation led by Network Steering Committee Chair Dr Ken Coghill called for action to publicly demonstrate that the government is serious about open government reform. Action along these lines could include A…

OGP Global Summit, Georgia

19th July 2018

The Fifth OGP Global Summit is underway in Tbilisi Georgia. The Australian Government is represented by Ms Lee Steel, Assistant Secretary, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Damian Carmichael, Department Industry Innovation and Science Other Australians attending are Fiona McLeod SC, Civic Society Co-Chair of the Open Government Forum and Chair Accountability Roundtable, Mel…

Australia’s second national action plan: moving to final stages

19th July 2018

The consultation on the draft plan concluded on 8 July. The Open Government Forum met in Canberra on 12 July. The next and final step in this process is government decision making, culminating in Cabinet consideration of the plan before it is submitted and released publicly next month. Thank you to those who attended the…

Gathering in Sydney to Discuss Second National Action Plan Tuesday July 3

27th June 2018

Opportunities to meet face to face with Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet were limited to Canberra and Melbourne. So, separately, we have organised a gathering in Sydney for those who would like to discuss what has been put forward in the draft plan. Network member Jonathon Hunyor CEO of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and a member of the…

On the Web and in the Pub: Open Government Week 2018

26th June 2018

Open Government Week in Australia Thanks to everyone who attended our Open Government Week events in May 7-11. We hosted a webinar and Social Meetup in Sydney. If you missed the webinar, here’s a video and transcript 1- Open Government Week Webinar Daniel Stewart Independent Reporter, Australian Open Government Civil Society Network Convenor Peter Timmins,  Department of…

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