Uncategorised 24th March 2017

Endorsement for Ken Coghill

by Peter Timmins

Network Chairman Dr David Solomon wrote to the Selection Committee commending Ken Coghill’s candidacy for the OGP Steering Committee.  There are 28 candidates.

The Steering Committee of the Australian Open Government Partnership Network supports and strongly endorses Dr Ken Coghill for a position as a CSO member of the global OGP Steering Committee.

Dr Coghill is a co-founder of  Accountability Roundtable, a non-partisan group of citizens with diverse backgrounds dedicated to improving standards of accountability, probity, transparency and democratic practice in all governments and parliaments in Australia. 

He is Associate Professor Business and Economics Monash University, and a former parliamentarian who during his time in parliament was Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet and Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

The Accountability Roundtable and Dr Coghill in his individual capacity have been valuable contributors to the Network since its formation in December 2015. Dr Coghill has nominated for a position on the Australian Network Steering Committee. Nominations close on 31 March.

His knowledge experience, standing and reputation led to his appointment in August 2016 to the Interim Working Group established by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to assist in finalisation of Australia’s first National Action Plan.

Dr Coghill has a wide range of international contacts built up over his many years in public life, academia, and as an activist and advocate for improved governance.

He would serve Australia and the OGP proud as a member of the global OGP Steering Committee.

We commend his nomination to the Selection Committee.


Canada, Italy, Republic of Korea and South Africa were elected to government positions on the Steering Committee