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Public Participation-What you had to say

23rd November 2016

Further in the series- Issues raised in Submissions on Draft National Action Plan Commitment 5.2 Enhance public participation in government decision-making   People want government to commit to lifting its game- more participatory democracy. From the PM&C round up: Angus King    Switched on Solar!   Yes. Daniel Marsh    Sociometry (consultancy)     Should be amended to clarify the…

Open Contracting-What you had to say

23rd November 2016

Further in the series- Issues raised in Submissions on Draft National Action Plan 4.3 Open Contracting Submissions suggest more ambition needed- it more than ‘reviewing’ whether we comply with the standard. From the PM&C round up: Stephen Gates    Individual     The adoption of the Open Contracting Data Standard is a good first step in publishing…

Network Steering Committee full of suggestions for improving Draft National Action Plan

16th November 2016

Submission to Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet from the Steering Committee of the Australian Open Government Partnership Network. The submission may be published online. The Steering Committee welcomes the publication of the draft National Action Plan and the opportunity to suggest areas for improvement.Network members were encouraged to make their views known and a…

Paris Summit an opportunity for collective action

15th November 2016

There is no shortage of ideas and suggestions for inclusion in Australia’s first national action plan. News now that the OGP Steering Committee and Support Unit are encouraging governments and civil society organisations to sign up to collective actions that will further the open government agenda in their countries and around the world. The Global…

New Zealand publishes Second National Action Plan

21st October 2016

From  State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes “This National Action Plan builds on our first plan and takes into account the feedback we received from civil society and the OGP independent review mechanism. It represents a real step forward for transparency and openness and challenges government to keep doing more. We will continue to learn and…

Australia’s OGP Plan now scheduled for completion by end of 2016.

18th October 2016

 Deputy Secretary of Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), Dr Steven Kennedy has written to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Support Unit advising that Australia will submit its national action plan before the end of 2016. A previously published timeline indicated a draft plan would be available for public discussion and comment in late September/early October…

Australian Civil Society Organisations: invitation to assess OGP performance

11th October 2016

The Open Government Partnership, now 70 strong, has commissioned an independent organization to conduct an evaluation of its performance to date. This evaluation will reflect on the OGP experience of the past five years, help to understand its successes and failures, and refresh OGP’s strategy going forward. DPMG, a unit of the University of Southern…

Transparency International Australia:Election 2016 Open Letter to the Candidates

10th June 2016

Network member TI Australia has written to the parties and independent candidates seeking a pre-election response to questions about five urgent transparency and anti-corruption priorities: Political Financing. Federal Integrity System. Private Sector Transparency, Integrity and Accountability. Whistleblower Legislation. Open Government Partnership. We’ll keep you posted on the results. Feel free to raise these and related …

Australia’s OGP ambition shouldn’t be sidelined during election campaign

30th May 2016

There has been no response to date to the message to the Prime Minister from Network Chair Dr David Solomon urging the government to take extra time beyond the 1 July target date to formulate and submit a national action plan. And no announcement or communication from the government since early April regarding possible commitments to…