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Civil Society members of OGP Steering Committee

28th April 2016 – Uncategorised

Australia has a lot of catching up to do with the OGP international community but somewhere down the track, one of our own might be a contender!! From Paul Maassen Director, Civil Society Engagement  Open Government Partnership Support Unit based in Brussels: (Details of the selection process here) We’re delighted to announce the names of…

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Make plans for Paris in December

28th April 2016 – Uncategorised

The OGP Global Summit 2016 will take place in Paris on December 7, 8 and 9, with the Civil Society Day on the 7th. In announcing the event, the Minister of State for State Reform and Simplification said I am pleased to launch this year’s Open Government Partnership World Summit, and thereby to promote, via…

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Canberra workshop the next step in developing National Action Plan

9th April 2016 – Uncategorised

Suggestions from outside government of commitments for inclusion in the plan closed on 31 March. Those who made a suggestion on the government Wiki have been invited to a workshop in Canberra on Monday 11 April. With no government funding or other assistance to get to Canberra participation has proved difficult for many but late…

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Melbourne and Sydney briefings-OGP: the International Stage

6th April 2016 – Uncategorised

The Network has organised briefings in Melbourne and Sydney next week, taking advantage of the visit by Shreya Basu, the Singapore based OGP Regional Civil Society Coordinator who will be attending the Australian National Action Plan Workshop in Canberra on 11 April. Places are strictly limited because of the venues so please be quick if…

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OGP developments on the big stage

20th March 2016 – Uncategorised

Civil Society members of the OGP Steering Committee in a recent planning session agreed to push for a revision of the guidelines for civil society consultation, with the idea to raise the bar from “consultation” to “co-creation” in order to synergize meaningful civil society engagement in the OGP process; supported the creation of a new…

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Australia’s National Action Plan-need your help before next Wednesday

17th March 2016 – Uncategorised

I’m encouraging you and your organisation to share information about your contribution or your thinking about priority issues that should be flagged as we head towards PM&C’s close off date for suggestions at the end of March. There may be a hive of activity out there as Amelia Loye the consultant working with PM&C on…

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Listen up: Tips from the OGP Support Unit on developing a national action plan

13th March 2016 – Uncategorised

The Webinar on 1 March on the National Action Plan process organised by the OGP Support Unit and the World Bank  is now available as an audio (go to bottom right corner to play) together with the slides used by the two presenters Abhinav Bahl and Shreya Basu. The Webinar was live from 2 am…

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Are the government’s unilateral Grand Challenge choices grand or challenging enough?

10th March 2016 – Uncategorised

David Solomon AM writes: I am seriously concerned about and disturbed by the grand challenges the government proposes to include in the Australian National Action Plan, namely, improved public services and more effectively managing public resources. The Government’s website – Open Government Partnership – Australia – explains under the heading “Preparing the National Action Plan”…

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Transparency International Australia urges members to join in advocating for transparency and accountability reforms

5th March 2016 – Uncategorised

Phil Newman, Chief Executive Officer of TI Australia and a member of the Network Steering Committee sees the development of the National Action Plan as  the opportunity for TI Australia members to individually and collectively become actively involved in advocating for the transparency and accountability reforms we wish to see in Australia. Newman said while…

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Why some OGP commitments don’t get implemented

24th February 2016 – Information

As Australia moves ahead with its first national action plan we should be mindful of the traps for starting players. Drawing on five years of experience of other OGP countries, Joseph Foti (apology for misspelling in first post) Program Manager for the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) in a post published on the Open Government…

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