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Are the government’s unilateral Grand Challenge choices grand or challenging enough?

10th March 2016 – Uncategorised

David Solomon AM writes: I am seriously concerned about and disturbed by the grand challenges the government proposes to include in the Australian National Action Plan, namely, improved public services and more effectively managing public resources. The Government’s website – Open Government Partnership – Australia – explains under the heading “Preparing the National Action Plan”…

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Transparency International Australia urges members to join in advocating for transparency and accountability reforms

5th March 2016 – Uncategorised

Phil Newman, Chief Executive Officer of TI Australia and a member of the Network Steering Committee sees the development of the National Action Plan as  the opportunity for TI Australia members to individually and collectively become actively involved in advocating for the transparency and accountability reforms we wish to see in Australia. Newman said while…

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Why some OGP commitments don’t get implemented

24th February 2016 – Information

As Australia moves ahead with its first national action plan we should be mindful of the traps for starting players. Drawing on five years of experience of other OGP countries, Joseph Foti (apology for misspelling in first post) Program Manager for the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) in a post published on the Open Government…

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How to Make an OGP National Action Plan Commitment

24th February 2016 – Points of View

Australia has only 5 months to define ambitious open government reforms for its first Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan. In this time we must gather raw ideas, research, discuss and deliberate them into fully developed, budgeted, and agreed commitments. In July the government must announce the commitments it will implement over the next…

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Event: OGP National Action Plan Development Webinar

24th February 2016 – News

OGP Webinar: “2016 OGP National Action Plan Development.” Sponsored by the OGP Support Unit and the World Bank Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m (US) EST (That’s 2am creeping into Wednesday March 2 in Sydney) Language: English REGISTER for this webinar: HERE Description: Over the course of the next months, over 50 governments will engage,…

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Network draws attention to low key start to national consultation and gaps in policy framework

5th February 2016 – News

The Steering Committee has written to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet commenting on the government’s low key launch of this important initiative and what it sees as gaps and weaknesses in the framework for development of the national action plan, and in supporting material published by the department to date. Submission from Dr…

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Australian Open Government Partnership Foundation Meeting

25th January 2016 – News

The meeting of interested parties in Sydney on 11 December 2015 resolved to establish the Australian Open Government Partnership Network. Those attending in person or via telephone conference (not all for the entire meeting) were David Solomon and Tim Smith (Accountability Roundtable), Greg Thompson and Alan Wolfe (Transparency International Australia), Katherine Szuminska (OpenAustralia Foundation), Avaro…

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The Prime Minister’s letter reconfirms Australia’s commitment to OGP

28th November 2015 – News

On 24 November 2015 Prime Minister Turnbull wrote to the Open Government Partnership that Australia  was recommitting to membership and would complete joining requirements by July 2016. The Australian Government had been invited to join the OGP along with founding members in September 2011. In May 2013 the Government first notified its intention to join. The Prime Minister’s announcement…

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