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Open Contracting-a key tool in the fight against corruption

7th December 2017 – Points of View

Australia committed to undertake a review of existing compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) with a view to increase  compliance, but to date there has been little public discussion, debate or action. Elsewhere open contracting is a hot anti-corruption topic as  Sanjay Pradhan CEO OGP explained in remarks at Open Contracting Partnership conference…

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OGP responds to individual’s complaint, no violation of values and principles

19th October 2017 – Uncategorised

In September last year, Chris Snow a member of this network sent a letter of concern to the international OGP Steering Committee Co-Chairs regarding the consultation process and the Interim Working Group appointed by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to help draft Australia’s first OGP action plan, utilising the OGP’s published Response…

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International OGP Civil Society Co-chair on Rebuilding Trust

17th October 2017 – Uncategorised

 Mukelani Dimba is the civil society co-chair of the OGP Steering Committee. He is the Executive Director of the Open Democracy Advice Center (ODAC), a South African law center that specializes in freedom of information and whistleblower protection laws ……………………. It is a pleasure to share my first blog post as civil society co-chair of…

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Australia failing to join domestic and international dots in support of the OGP

11th October 2017 – Uncategorised

Despite the international reach of the Open Government Partnership now to 75 countries, Australia a fully committed member since November 2015 is yet to play a role in progressing OGP goals internationally and maintains a low almost invisible role in the partnership. Although the government mentions democracy as a shared value on which it wishes…

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Government’s mid-term assessment short on shortcomings

11th October 2017 – Uncategorised

On 22 September Minister for Finance Cormann signed the Government Mid-term report required by OGP rules. The report is published on the PM&C website,  (No Media release- this was yet another missed opportunity to draw attention to Australia’s open government commitments.) It is a detailed report about development of the plan and implementation to date, but shortcomings…

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High-level OGP Side Event at United Nations General Assembly this week

21st September 2017 – Uncategorised

Watch passionate advocacy for improved democratic practices and their role in improving trust in government. Featuring OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan, President Macron of France, Prime Minister Kvirikashvili of Georgia, President Kaljulaid of Estonia, Prime Minister Gruevski of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Vice President Echeverríai of Costa Rica, Vice-President Timmermans of the European Commission.. and others.…

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Comments on PM&C Draft Mid Term Assessment

18th September 2017 – Uncategorised

The following comments on the PM&C Draft Mid Term Assessment Report were submitted on 17 September. (The self assessment is required by OGP rules and is separate from the Progress Review by Independent Reviewer Daniel Stewart now underway .) “The Australian Open Government Partnership Network and its members have been and remain enthusiastic supporters of the…

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Parliamentary committee reports linked to OGP commitments

14th September 2017 – Uncategorised

Two parliamentary committee reports released today are linked to commitments in Australia’s OGP National Action Plan. OGP National Action Plan Commitment 4.2  National Integrity Framework “Australia will strengthen its ability to prevent, detect and respond to corruption in the public sector.” Senate Select Committee on National Integrity Commission  Advocates for establishing a commission are disappointed that…

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Recognition for Steven Kennedy, thanks for open government leadership

12th September 2017 – Uncategorised

As part of a reshuffle at the top of the Australian Public Service last week, Steven Kennedy Deputy Secretary Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Co-chair of the Interim Working Group and its successor body, the Open Government Forum, was appointed Secretary Department of Infrastructure and Regional Services. Tom Burton writing in The Mandarin said…

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Will Australia be represented at OGP High-Level Side Event at United Nations General Assembly?

11th September 2017 – Uncategorised

The Australian Government doesn’t have a great record for visible public support for the Open Government Partnership.  In the only ministerial involvement to date, Minister for Finance Cormann attended one day at the OGP Global Summit in Paris last December. Let’s hope this event hosted by President Macron of France draws the PM if he’s in New…

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